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How to choose the best strategies to sync Using Synchronized Strategies, you will be able to choose various strategies from other users, thus agreeing on the strategy to be followed. But choosing the best ones to sync is necessary to analyze some factors, after all, you want to have the best performance, right? Understanding Risk […]

Welcome Astronaut! You already know that buying, selling and trade cryptocurrencies can be done on our platform, right? So let’s give some tips for you to take even more opportunities and not let any pass! Trading As stated earlier, here at Monnos, you can buy, sell and trade your cryptocurrencies for others. Knowing that this […]

Hi, i’m Rafael Serrano, i’m Head of Customer Success here at Monnos! 🙂 Welcome to Monnos! Let’s introduce the features and where to find each one! Home screen after login 1. Right on the home screen (side image), you have a view of your updated balance, percentage of volatility of the last 24 hours, accompanied […]

According to Bitcoin Core developer Luke Dashjr, a miner’s main motivation should not be profit, but the desire to keep the network secure. This discussion began when Luke tweeted that people are abusing SegWit‘s block increase to take advantage of legitimate Bitcoin users. Luke also took the opportunity to state his opinion by saying that […]

You might already hear that term in some war movies or games, some boxes falling from a parachute in the middle of the jungle, in the middle of combat, right? “Airdrops” are supplies that can be launched by the skies to reach a certain location and meet the need for troops. Already in cryptospace, Airdrops […]

From now on, the Nuls community has yet another cryptocurrency trading option. Through Monnos, even market entrants will be able to buy. Ease is a defining word for Monnos: the platform is intuitive, simple and quick to use. As a major differentiator, we can mention some factors that make Monnos an option to consider: AUTOMATED […]