Be VIP Holder and Get exclusive benefits.

Accumulate more than USDT 1,000 in MNS tokens (58,513.7) and increase your benefits at MONNOS.

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How it works


Buy MNS Tokens

You can buy your MNS Tokens with BTC, USDT and BRL.


Hold and Earn

As VIP Holder you have many benefits.


Get VIP benefits

As long as you hold the MNS Tokens you will have access to discounts, bonuses and features designed for VIP Holder.

MNS VIP Holder Exclusive Benefits

Earn 30% for every Referral

Earn 30% for every Referral

Of all trade fees of your friend during a year.

Pay 10% off Trade Fee

Pay 10% off Trade Fee

Pay less fee to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Special Gifts and Rewards

Special Gifts and Rewards

Largest awards in actions promoted by monnos.

MNS Token
VIP Holder

Special condition for VIP Holders that
Holding USDT 1.000 in MNS Tokens.


Users with a balance available on the Monnos platform.

Access to Exclusive Features

Get Access to exclusives and new features.


Access to MNS Monthly Bonus

Bonus distributed every month to Token Holders proportionally by they have in their MNS Wallet.


Access to special Promos

Access to special conditions in all promotions promoted by monnos.


Bonus Per Referral

At the end of each month will be calculated the transactions times and deposit the bonus equivalent in your MNS Wallet.

Earn 30%

Payment when the user starts using monnos + % trading fees for 12 months.

Earn 20%

Payment when the user starts using monnos + % trading fees for 12 months.

Coming Soon

Credit Card with

1This feature will be limited by jurisdiction. The Mastercard flag is not a standard; everything will be negotiated according to each jurisdiction.

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White Paper

Read our White Paper to understand our mission, features and business propose.

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Buy with Crypto or FIAT and receive your MNS Tokens in real time at monnos wallet without paying any fees.

Frequent questions


It is the name given by MONNOS to its most exclusive users.

How can I be a VIP HOLDER?

There are a few ways to become a VIP HOLDER:

• Have more than 1,000 USDT in MNS tokens (58,513.7). If you don't have it yet, see your status and buy directly through the APP;
• Be one of our ambassadors in countries that are not yet represented;

What are the benefits of being a VIP HOLDER?

The benefits will only increase, but initially they are:

1. 30% of earnings in each shared referral;
2. Greater prizes in each action;
3. Exclusive access to MONNOS services and actions.

How do I buy MNS Tokens by Monnos App?

To buy MNS Tokens through the Monnos App, enter the Market and select Tokens and you will see the Tokens available on our platform, select our Token and enjoy!

Another way to buy is accessing My Account (your photo) and clicking on Vip Holder.