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I want to tell you the Story of the Monnos Helios Team. I will talk about some possible events in the not too distant future. The Helios team was created by talented people. These people were chosen by CEO Rodrigo and his management team (Felipe, Marcos, and Gusta). This group is an idealistic group of […]

Dear friends, I’m here to tell you about the perfect platform of Monnos. First, I’d like to give you a little bit of information about Monnos.  Monnos began broadcasting September 2019 with the motto of crypto money to work for you. Monnos is based in Brazil and is located in the city of Zug, Switzerland. […]

Coin.. it’s just a coin.. A whole series of cryptocurrencies have been born in the world, immediately renamed altcoins (alternative coins, or alternatives to the original one), which differ in some aspects, and use a different system than blockchain. Altcoins focus on features that Bitcoin. Blockchain technology has not yet been fully clarified from a […]

Digital currencies are virtual or digital currencies designed to act as a means of exchange. It uses encryption to secure and verify transactions and to control the creation of new units from any given digital currency. Essentially, digital currencies are limited entries in a database and no one can change them unless certain conditions are […]

Introduction Cryptocurrency, also called digital currency, is digital money. That means there are no physical coins or bills – everything is online. You can transfer a cryptocurrency to someone on the internet without an intermediary, such as a bank. The best-known cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum, but new cryptocurrencies continue to be created. People could […]

If you are familiar with the crypto market, you have seen similar crypto coins starting with the name bitcoin or Ethereum. you may have asked yourself; ‘’Why are there so many cryptocurrencies whose names start with Bitcoin?’’ ‘’What are the differences between Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin SV?’’ ‘’What are the differences between […]

Central banks have been the traditional response to frequent fiscal problems. Due to the financial crisis, in recent years, several bank bailouts and the bailout of entire nations were made at the expense of large central currencies. The prospects for a peer-to-peer (P2P) currency, without the need for a central bank, serve the desire of […]

One of the top 3 in the cryptocurrency market today which comes in 2nd place after the well-known Bitcoin is “Ethereum”. Most of you might be asking so what is the difference between them or even why BTC and ETH are different from each other? And to answer that we need to know more about […]

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency (there are now more than 800 cryptocurrencies) that are not subject to any central authority such as the government or the bank. Bitcoin is a one-to-one currency and works on a system that enables you to send and receive bitcoin without a third party. The price fluctuates depending on what people […]

In the financial markets, it’s still not easy to be successful and make consistent and satisfying profits. Whether you are a new or an experienced trader, understanding current market trends and doing a good technical analysis requires not only experience but also constant work overtime. If any of these parameters (experience and time) are missing […]