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Launch your Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on the Monnos platform.

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How the Listing process works


Submit the Application Form

Send your crypto project informations to be part of the Monnos Ecosystem.


Monnos Review

Every project is evaluated by specialists and undergoes a passed a rigorous bar for legal, security, and technical review.


Community Vote

Every project to be available goes through a vote because it needs to make sense and deliver value to our community.


Ready to Sell

After approval, the project will be available to be purchased on the Monnos platform.

Frequent questions

Is Monnos a launchpad?

Yes. We operate as a launchpad providing robust projects with the possibility of funding. This listing is subject to strict compliance criteria, business feasibility/attractiveness, community, legal validations, and others.

What is a launchpad?

Launchpad is the name we give to exchanges that launch tokens to raise funds in the global crypto market.

What types of tokens do you work with?

We only work with UTILITY and / or PAYMENT tokens. We do not work with SECURITY TOKENS.

What is the difference between tokens and Crypto within the Monnos platform?

We treat crypto as the assets already listed on global exchanges and tokens those that are in the process of IEO (not yet listed).

How do I apply to be listed?

Fill out the initial form, Monnos will validate and with approval we proceed to the next steps.

How long does the validation process take?

At first 15 days, depending on demand, but it can be faster.