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The more MNS token you have, the more benefits you'll get!

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Be a VIP HOLDER and earn in every way:

The more MNS you have, the more benefits you'll get;

Trade Fees

Card Cashback

Referal Fees

VIP Booster PROMOs

It's not only discounts, you also earn when the MNS price gets higher

The MNS token is listed in global exchanges and suffers fluctuation according to the market supply and demand. Therefore, the more the MNS token gets valuable and scarce, the higher it’s going to be the price.

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How to buy MNS token?

You can buy MNS in the app. It doesn’t take 2 minutes. Take a look at the video aside.

VIP HOLDER levels:

MNS Balance


Level From To Card cashback Trading Sync Pix Withdrawal BTC LN Transfer Referral Share

Monnos reserves the right to change any of these values at any time.


What is the Monnos Token?

The MONNOS token is a Utility / Payment token that can be accumulated for future exchanges when the MONNOS token is listed on the world’s top crypto exchanges and has a value determined by the supply / demand of the market itself. In addition, the MNS token may be used within the Monnos platform through various discounts and exclusive access to some features.

I don't have cryptocurrencies, can I buy at Monnos?

Yes, in Monnos is easy to buy and sell cryptos. Yes, if it is your first time buying cryptocurrencies, Monnos is the ideal platform. One of the pillars of Monnos is usability. We want people to have an amazing experience with us, making transactions simple and intuitive. To start buying, download the app.