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Nano is a decentralized, no-fee, sustainable and incredibly fast cryptocurrency, considered to be part of the third generation of cryptocurrencies. Read more

What is Nano (NANO)?

Nano is a decentralized, no-fee, sustainable and incredibly fast cryptocurrency, considered to be part of the third generation of cryptocurrencies. It is a ‘DAG’ (Directed Acyclic Graph), designed to be simple and solve the existing insufficiency of other cryptocurrencies.

Nano has a unique blockchain technology, used an innovative distribution strategy and wants to break the conventional concept of cryptocurrency. It is a cryptocurrency that delivers what it proposes very efficiently: To be a currency for everyday life with great simplicity for the user.

A global currency that does not require large equipment to maintain its network, being energy efficient, but very scalable as this hardware increases, increasing its transaction capacity per second, its security and its decentralization.

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FAQ: Frequent asked questions about Nano (NANO)

How does Nano work?

The Nano is a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) cryptocurrency, which means that its transactions are asynchronous, this means that one account can send to another and the sender does not need to wait for a response before performing other tasks. Transactions are verified and go through an anti-spam tool, which consumes very little processing power (PoW, Proof of Work), checking only some requirements, such as if the single transaction has already been done before, if the block is signed by the owner account, if there is an account opening block and if the transaction is valid, following some criteria.

What does Nano supply?

Before talking about the supply, it is interesting to point out how it was distributed. Nano was made available free of charge through a faucet distribution system (faucet, where the user receives some amounts) based on captchas that ended in October 2017. In total, 126,248,289 NANO were distributed free of charge through the Faucet. Another 7,000,000 Nanos went to the development fund, known as the Nano Foundation. At the end of the Faucet, 207,034,069 NANO were burned that had not been distributed. In the end, 133,248,297 NANO remained, which is still in circulation today.

How to buy Nano?

You can buy Nano (NANO) at any exchange that owns the currency. Monnos is a Cryptobank with a large amount of cryptos available for trading, with more than 70 assets listed in our market. The cryptocurrency purchase process was made for those who do not yet have experience in this market and who wish to position themselves in crypto.

Is Nano safe?

Nano's risks are the same risks that other cryptocurrencies may share, such as the high volatility of its value, regulatory problems, lack of adherence, migration of its holders to new technologies that may arise, etc. On your network, until today there has been no protocol failure that would cause a user to lose their funds, being a very secure network, if the user keeps their Nanos stored correctly and securely.