Weekly Top Trader

The top 10 traders with the highest number of points are going to share 175000 in MNS tokens.

About Weekly TOP TRADER

Every Monday, we will start a 7-day trade competition.

During the competition, 10 participants with the highest number of points will be rewarded with 87,500 MNS Tokens.

The points are going to be calculated as follows:

Score = Trade Volume x Vip Booster
Trade Volume = Purchases + Sales

That is, the user will be evaluated by their trade volume, considering purchases and sales made and will receive a change according to their VIP HOLDER level.


1° Place

Earn 22,009.25 MNS

2° Place

Earn 16,727.03 MNS

3° Place

Earn 12,325.18 MNS

4° Place

Earn 7,923.33 MNS

5° Place

Earn 7,042.96 MNS

6° Place

Earn 6,162.59 MNS

7° Place

Earn 5,282.22 MNS

8° Place

Earn 4,401.85 MNS

9° Place

Earn 3,521.48 MNS

10° Place

Earn 2,641.11 MNS

Pairs Available

All available in Monnos app

Terms and conditions

* All participants must have KYC level 2

* The volume traded on all assets present at Monnos is valid.

* Monnos reserves the right to cancel or change any activity or activity rules, in our sole discretion.

* Monnos reserves the right to disqualify trades that are considered to be money laundering or illegal mass registration accounts, auto trading or displaying market manipulation attributes, etc.

How to participate

  • Sign up in the Monnos app

    Download the app Android or iPhone

  • Trade MNS Tokens

    Trade in the Monnos app to always keep you qualified for the next phases

  • Be Rewarded!

    Every week the top 10 users with the highest number of points are going to share a US$ 100,00 reward in MNS.

Competition Ranking


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How the VIP BOOSTER works:

The VIP BOSTER works as a multiplier of your trading volume. The more MNS token you have, more you are going to be your multiplier.

How to buy MNS token

VIP Holder MNS Amount VIP Booster
Min Max