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Join AirDrop, share and earn rewards of up to 52,208 MNS worth US$ 1,000.

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04/20 TO 05/10

AirDrop Period

125.000.000 MNS

Number of Tokens Reserved AirDrop


About the MNS Token

3.500.000.000 MNS

Total supply

$ 0,017090

Current Unit Price



EARN 105 MNS worth US$ 2.00

Complete all tasks of Monnos AirDrop Bot



EARN 26.1 MNS worth $ 0.50

Share your code and earn every time someone signs up with your code.





EARN MNS +52,208
~ $ 1,000

Ranking TOP 10+


EARN MNS +26,104
~ $ 500

Ranking TOP 30+


EARN MNS +13.052
~US$ 250

Ranking TOP 50+


  • Seed Round
  • Private Round
  • Product Development (App)
  • MNS Ecosystem
  • ⌛️ Token Launch
  • ⌛️ Token Listing

AirDrop Purpose

Understand why MONNOS is performing its Airdrop

Monnos is a global company that aims to foster and empower the CRYPT community, so it is only natural to rely on initiatives such as AIRDROP and IEO, common and increasingly frequent actions in the cryptoeconomics ecosystem. For those unfamiliar, AIRDROP is an action aimed at distributing TOKENS for the purpose of engaging and disseminating the initiative through the community. In the case of Monnos, because we strongly believe in the word of mouth communication strategy, we are investing of our funding (US $ 2.4 million).

What is the MNS Token?

Understand How MNS Token (Monnos) Works

In the case of Monnos, TOKEN MNS is treated as a fraction of value that can be traded within our platform, or outside it when the token is listed on global exchanges. In the crypto market there are some varieties of tokens, namely, UTILITY, PAYMENT and SECURITY. In the case of the MNS token, it is a hybrid token, merging UTILITY as it can be used within the platform in a swap format, and PAYMENT as it can be used as a payment method at Monnos and potential partners.

Know the product

IEO Monnos Token

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How to participate:

  • Sign up for the Monnos App

    Download on Android or iPhone

  • Follow Bot instructions

    Talk withAirDrop Bot on Telegram   and follow the steps

  • Invite your friends to earn more

    As more, you refer the more chances you have to rank for additional rewards.

Ask your questions

Visit our AirDrop FAQ

What is AIRDROP?

Airdrop is a common action in the crypto market that encourages sharing and engagement by rewarding the community with tokens from the company in question.

What is the MONNOS Token?

The MONNOS token is a Utility / Payment token that can be accumulated for future exchanges when the MONNOS token is listed on the world’s top crypto exchanges and has a value determined by the supply / demand of the market itself. In addition, the MNS token may be used within the Monnos platform through various discounts and exclusive access to some features.

What will be the period of this MONNOS AIRDROP?

Starting Date 04/16/2020 at 06:00 a.m GMT and Ending Date 05/10/2020 at 00:00 GMT.


To earn MNS (Monnos) tokens in airdrop is very simple. access telegram (If you do not have telegram click here) and chat with AirDrop bot and follow the steps outlined by our “bot”, after completing all the steps you will be awarded 105 MNS tokens (equivalent to $ 2.00). Once this is done, with each sharing with friends, those who register with Monnos who invited will receive another 26.1 MNS (worth US $ 0.50) per registered guest.

How does the TOP REFERRALS Awards work?

Those users who most invited to register within the MONNOS platform using their code generated at Monnos AirDrop Bot will be awarded according to the following criteria:

1. Top 10 (1st to 10th) additional 52,208 MNS Tokens Prize worth $ 1,000;
2. Top 30 (from 11 to 30) additional 26,247 MNS Tokens prize worth $ 500;
3. Top 50 (from 31 to 50) additional award of 13,124 MNS Tokens worth $ 250.

What happens in the event of a draw in number of guests?

In case of a draw in the number of guests, the winner will be the one who made the last invitation earlier. That is the one who earlier reached that number of guests wins.

What can I do with TOKEN MONNOS?

The Monnos token may be used on the MONNOS platform or may be exchanged for other tokens and cryptocurrencies when it is listed on major global cryptocurrency exchanges.

What is AIRDROP MONNOS's relationship with MONNOS's IEO?

Airdrop is an action associated with a marketing strategy that aims to spread the initiative as much as possible and engage the community around the platform. As for IEO, its LAST ROUND starts 10 days after the end of AIRDROP, on 05/20/2020. IEO is a pulverized action of fundraising through cryptoeconomics that aims to make the MONNOS initiative viable with financial support from the community.

When can I trade my MNS Tokens?

MNS Tokens (Monnos) will be locked in the MONNOS wallet until the date they are listed on crypto global exchanges, the forecast for this listing is May 2020. Until then it will not be possible to transfer or exchange them, only accumulate them.

Monnos does not serve all countries of the world, see list of countries we do not serve here:


Last Update 10 of September of 2019



1. Scope.

This Airdrop Program Membership Agreement (“Term”) is made available exclusively to Monnos Platform registered Users. By accepting this Term, the User automatically represents their agreement to the Platform Terms and Conditions of Use and the Monnos Privacy Policy.

1.1. Jurisdictions. The Monnos “Airdrop” Program is not made available to jurisdictions where the distribution, publication or use of its services is contrary to law or regulatory provisions or where Monnos does not have the proper registration or license to operate. Individuals or legal entities subject to such prohibitions, whether by reason of their nationality, place of residence or for other reasons, shall not access or use the Platform, nor accept this Agreement.

2. Acceptance.

The Airdrop Program is made available to Users who are interested in obtaining rewards by actively participating in the distribution and dissemination of the products and services offered by the Monnos Platform. The qualification of the interested user must be done upon acceptance of this Term.

3. Description of Airdrop Program.

The Monnos rewards the User who actively acts for the dissemination of the services and products offered by the Platform by delivering Monnos Tokens directly to the User-owned wallet, subject to the conditions set forth in this Term.

4. Disclosure

The disclosure and dissemination dealt with herein must be done by the User as follows: a) register on the Monnos platform with true information; c) enter your Monnos wallet address e) enjoy social networks and share Monnos pages;

4.1. The User who performs all the steps may, in the end, make shares with his network of contacts, which should be used by his guests to make their registrations and sequence the same flow performed by the user who invited him.

4.2. Upon completion of all the steps detailed in the above item, the User automatically receives a predetermined number of MNS Tokens, directly into the informed wallet.

5. Duration Time

The Airdrop Program has a limited duration and previously reported.

5.1 The User will be rewarded with a predetermined amount of MNS tokens for each guest who accesses the platform from their share.

6. General Information about the Airdrop Program.

Monnos makes available in its Airdrop Program a total of 125,000,000 (one hundred and twenty-five million) Monnos Tokens, with the predetermined launch value.

6.1. Monnos Tokens will be made available to the User immediately upon confirmation that the designated user has used their source code and performed the entire procedure described in item 4.

6.2. The Airdrop Program automatically terminates after the Monnos Tokens total amount has ended or the Program has expired.

6.4. If the IEO has expired (the end of the last round) and the balance of available Monnos Tokens remains, all of them will be burned and rendered unusable.

6.5. Monnos reserves the right to distribute these tokens in accordance with the Airdrop program and may split it into different rounds.

6.5. Monnos Tokens incorporated by the User through this Airdrop Program may be traded as soon as it is listed on any Exchange and there is no LOCK UP period.

6.6. Monnos cannot be held responsible for the inability of any User to enjoy the benefits of this Airdrop Program. All information has been sufficiently described and this Term will be automatically resolved upon the occurrence of the hypotheses listed in item 6.2.

6.7. Should you identify a problem with the Platform, receiving your Monnos Tokens, or any other that diminishes your Monnos experience, you should contact us at