The world is going through one of its worst crises during the COVID-19 pandemic now in 2020. Traditional financial markets collapsing, governments not knowing what to do, printing more and more money (thus devaluing it), banks limiting daily withdrawals per person, among several other points.

In a period of crisis and instability, people seek the best and safest assets, such as gold, silver, and other precious metals. Maybe now is the time for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, maybe people will realize the full potential of crypto-economy.

The fundamentals of Bitcoin are still the same during the crises and will remain so: Decentralized, with no extra impression of units outside what was stipulated by the algorithm, safe, transparent and global. There is no interference whatsoever.

And do you know what made Bitcoin reach that level beyond its fundamentals? Community, yes. Bitcoin grows through the development of the community, companies or individuals that improve it and create third-party programs, such as wallets, exchanges, other devices and applications to always perform better, and have more usability, ease, and access.

Here at Monnos, we have the following thought: “Made by the community for the community”, in addition to learning from the community, listening to feedback on our platform, we also created a program that expands every day and thanks, where the main motto is “Let’s grow together”.

Thus, we believe that every effort should be rewarded and we seek to individually recognize those who contribute to our growth so that Monnos will one day become the best Social Trading platform in the world.

Understanding the scenario we are experiencing, we want to reinforce the opportunity to generate additional revenue here. Participating in MONNOS COMMUNITY this is possible.

Our community program consists of THREE DIFFERENT contribution FORMATS, BONUSES BY CONTRIBUTION, BONUSES BY INDICATION and BONUSES BY USE, check out and engage:

Contribution Bonuses:

• Become a Monnos Ambassador worldwide;
• Become a Beta Trader on our platform;
• Be a Translator for our website, apps, and whitepaper;
• Write Articles or E-books about Monnos and cryptocurrencies;
• Be a Youtuber partner, producing video content;
• Being a Bug Hunter in our solutions;
• Creating Layouts Designs for Monnos.

With our Openness approach, we will maintain an open channel with the development community, creating a “Community Reward” format, where all users who contribute to the construction and evolution of the Monnos platform will receive MNS Tokens according to each activity and its complexity.

Referral Bonus:

Referral Program, where all users who refer new entrants will receive from 20% of the revenues obtained with that indicated within the platform during the 12-month period. And this amount will be transferred to the user’s wallet in the currency/crypto that is traded, that is, if the referee makes a trade using BTC the 20% to be transferred to the wallet of the referral owner will be in BTC.

One way to refer and help Monnos reach new users and be rewarded for their referral in a scalable way.

Usage Bonus:

It is not yet active as we are still in PRE-IEO, but at the end of our fundraising, we will encourage the use of the Platform by rewarding the use with MNS Tokens under a dynamic rationale in order to quickly scale growth.

So, do you want extra revenue at this difficult time that we are going globally? Be part of our community and we will grow together! Remembering that all activities can be performed in the comfort of your home, safely.

You can see more details about the Monnos Community here by visiting here:  

Monnos Community.

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