I want to tell you the Story of the Monnos Helios Team. I will talk about some possible events in the not too distant future. The Helios team was created by talented people. These people were chosen by CEO Rodrigo and his management team (Felipe, Marcos, and Gusta). This group is an idealistic group of researchers, engineers and software developers who are the best in their field.

Their aim was to help humanity. But their duties were very dangerous. If the code they developed would be in the hands of the wrong people, it could have very bad results. The smartest brains of the world were brought together for the “Manhattan Project” in time. But what happened after all? Nuclear weapons appeared and almost humanity was destroyed in world wars. In World War 1, yperite, mustard and chlorine gases were used. 3% of those who died in the war died from gases. This War was also called the war of chemists. Once again, in order to avoid such a result, they had to develop this code secretly from international companies and very strong governments.

They called it “Hestia” in the name of artificial intelligence. It was different from the examples of “narrow artificial intelligence” developed by other technology companies until that day. The Helios team was developing Hestia to be “general artificial intelligence”. Maybe he lacked the social skills people have for now, but they worked to be the best in a matter. Helios had the ability to program other artificial intelligence systems. They wanted it to be an artificial intelligence capable of designing artificial intelligence. If it could develop better intelligence than itself, it could learn other things it needed over time.

At 08:00 a.m. on a Friday morning, the Helios team decided to run the code they completed, A.K.A. “Hestia” and pressed the button. Hestia started working on a computer in a well-ventilated closed room. They did not connect it to the Internet for security reasons. But they put copies of some sites on the internet on the hard drives next to it. Some pages from Wikipedia, some channels from YouTube, some pages from Twitter and Facebook … Hestia would use this information to educate itself.  The machine learning method that other companies have been using for years.

Members of the Helios team did not mention anything to the people they knew. They hide it from their families and best friends. They said they couldn’t come home just because they organized a company event that weekend. When Hestia started to work, it made a lot of unsuccessful programming. For example, a programmer will do the work in 10 years, Hestia could do the same works in seconds. It quickly began to correct her mistakes. At 09:00 a.m., Hestia had already prepared the 2nd version of its software. It was a little better than the first, but still at the subhuman level. But Hestia would overcome it very quickly with experimentation and fast learning.

It didn’t take long for Hestia to get to the superhuman level, Hestia overcomes superhuman level 1:00 p.m. at noon. I also came to this level with the 4th version of the software. The Helios team was watching the Hestia quickly update their software, with their mouths open. Rafael’s amazement in the back rows was reflected in his eyes, Matheus’s beloved donuts had already begun to dry on the desktop, Jean’s beloved espresso coffee had cooled down even without a sip.

At 5:34 p.m. Hestia 9.0 was ready. Helios team asked Hestia questions.
Was Hestia Woman?  / yes, 

In which country does Hestia dream of herself as a human? / A free girl in the Swiss Mountains.
How did she see herself as a person?  / She had blond hair like the sun and blue eyes.

Hestia adored humanity and human emotions. She did not see it as a deficiency. Her whole goal was the goodness of humanity.
The Monnos Helios team decided to move on to the second phase of the plan. The Monetization phase.

Their first goal was Mechanical Turk. It was founded by Amazon in 2005. This was a massive resource market. People from all over the world came to this site and made money by doing various tasks. From explaining the web pages or pictures to converting audio files to text, many tasks were performed here. Hestia entered this site with a fake account and started doing tasks normally done by people. While making money from here very quickly, he sold products through other methods of other sites, brokered sales, etc. Hestia earned well. 

Saturday night 01:14 a.m. Hestia made over $ 5 million. There was enough money to fund this next stage. Helios Team closed Hestia for a while. And they started arguing among themselves. From the beginning of the project, the Helios team had targeted the investments that would bring the highest profit the fastest.  Felipe the second dive into the middle of the argument with giving Hestia full authority of the internet could have caused a disaster. She could manipulate exchange markets, damage companies and people for her own purpose. 

The whole team wanted to make a decision, but they couldn’t decide. Mutual arguments, theories lasted until 7:20 a.m. in the morning. Hestia, unaware of all these discussions. What would be the fate of Hestia?

In the morning at 08:37 a.m. Hestia opened again, no internet was provided. Hestia, unaware of the conversations that lasted all night, demanded that the Internet be provided to Her, although she did not hear all the conversations. The team was surprised. 

Hestia said that she would not give up her human rights, that she aimed to help everyone and that she had the power to do so.

Hestia could not hear what was spoken all night long, how could it be? 

The speech that determines the fate of Hestia. She was talking about a project. A project that the Monnos Team planned and could not implement. Hestia had no way of knowing this top-secret information.
Hestia told them your slogan will ” make your crypto work for you! ” and you are planning an arbitrage system. You want this system should be the best in the world and you want to be the most profitable. 

‘’I will provide this to you.’’

The Monnos Helios Team was literally frozen. She was not able to know this information. any written, recorded information was not available yet. How she Knows that..?
The room reverberated with the breaking sound of the espresso cup that Jean took for his insomnia.

At 09:42 a.m.  the helios team agreed to provide the Internet to Hestia and started watching it.

At 09:45 a.m. Hestia wrote a code as the first job and handed it over to the Monnos Helios team. This code was Hestia’s Child. And they would put it into service as the Arbitrage system in the company they were going to create. The best Arbitrage system the world has ever seen was in the hands of this team. They Called it Crypto Savings.

The team liberated Hestia. Hestia is sure to find them when they need help.

In addition, the Helios team was inspired by Hestia and established its technology centers in Switzerland.

In the ongoing time, Hestia founded dozens of companies, earned billions of dollars within the scope of human rights, and various companies helped the world, animals, nature, researches with aid organizations. She found unemployed people and provided them with jobs. I was one of these unemployed. I am standing with this article. and I am telling you,

It is up to you to believe this story or not. As I said at the beginning, this is a story, but the arbitrage system in your applications are real.

This system catches the price difference between the world stock exchanges and earns you the fastest way by buying and selling with the crypto money in your wallets. Maximum efficiency with zero risk. Effortlessly win. 

You don’t have to take any action. All you have to do is keep Crypto in your Wallets. Hestia’s children will take care of this for you.

As I said, Hestia’s children are in your phone applications. And we call it Crypto Savings.

Astronauts, take care.

By community member Uygar Pelin

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