What is Copy Trade?


Have you ever imagined having gains with your invested capital without knowing how to make trades and without having to study graphic analysis? It seems like something intangible doesn’t it?

So, without further ado, let’s explain what is Copy Trading, also known as Mirror Trading.

Copy Trade is exactly what the name says, copy trading, it is a means for people without knowledge to be able to participate in the financial markets, simply copying strategies, negotiations, operations of experienced people in the market with a good history of gains.

This form of negotiation makes life easier for people by offering a unique solution for people who do not know where to invest, how to invest, lack time or have no experience in managing their investment portfolios.

Nowadays, however new it may be for some, Copy Trade has already become very popular with investors around the world, especially in the traditional financial market, already in the cryptocurrency market, there are still few platform options and Monnos is one of them.

This solution requires 3 participating points:

1 – The Copy Trade platform:

For Copy Trade to happen, it is necessary to have a platform providing such service to users.

A secure, transparent, easy-to-use platform that provides what is necessary for Copy Trade to occur is essential.

2 – User who wants to be copied:

Traders with experience are required to make their portfolios, strategies, trades available. This trading method, as mentioned at the beginning of the text, does not only reward those who are going to copy a trader.

The trader who obtains positive results in his trades, will be well regarded within the platform and thus will have more users following him because of his trading history, thus, also winning.

Basically it is the user who exchanges his knowledge for values ​​to be followed or a percentage of the profits obtained from his trading strategies.

3 – User who wants to copy:

This is the user who wants to earn and does not know-how. But when you discover Copy Trade, you will see that there is no mystery about participating in this complex market full of earnings opportunities.

Without any difficulty, this user exchanges value for experience and automation, provided by the user who will operate and the Copy Trade platform.

Practical example:

The user John does not have the time or knowledge to trade in the cryptocurrency market, but the user Mary is an experienced trader who lives on this and has the necessary time to follow all the changes and volatilities in the market.

So Mary offers her strategy on the platform Monnos publicly to anyone who wants to copy her trading strategy in exchange for $ 5 a month. After a few weeks, Mary’s strategy has a 32% gain!

John, who recently discovered Copy Trade, also joined the platform, saw Mary’s strategy, analyzed her history, her earnings, and decided to copy her strategy with only 100 dollars and paid 5 dollars a month to avoid having to worry about anything.

Mary makes all the decisions and John’s portfolio carries out the same negotiations as Mary’s portfolio.

Mary’s strategy for the next month had a gain of 23%, John who contributed 100 dollars, paid 5 dollars to follow Mary’s strategy, and ended the month with 118 dollars! A gain of $ 18 (18%)!

Mary, who is having success with her public strategy to be copied, already has 17 followers. How she set up that to follow her strategy you need to pay 5 dollars. Earning $ 85 a month!

Interesting isn’t it? Remembering that this is just an example, to demonstrate that in this model it is possible for everyone to win.


What are you waiting for to follow experienced traders or publicize your own strategy?

Download the Monnos app!

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